Price of holiday cottages by the sea

In most cases, the price of a seaside holiday cottage during the season is high and does not include all the facilities offered, for which you have to pay extra. It is completely different in our offer: we provide our guests with modern cottages of high standard, located in a quiet area, and all additional amenities or equipment are already included in the price.


Located only 400 meters from the beach and modern houses by the sea, which are part of our offer are perfect for family holidays. The cost of stay depends only on the number of adults.


Free stay for children

The great advantage of our offer is the fact that all children up to 16 years of age stay in our cottages free of charge. It is an excellent choice for those who want to relax with children at the seaside and want to save money. Family vacation in our cottages is intimate and allows to avoid noisy and overcrowded objects.


In our cottages can comfortably rest up to 6 people – including children, but we do not charge for children. This proposal may therefore be of particular interest to larger families, as well as friends with children. We do not allow more people to stay than agreed in order to provide our guests with appropriate conditions for rest.


No addtional charges

Our guests can count on free access to the barbecue, media, parking lot and Wi-Fi. There are also children’s cots and other equipment for a “small child” for which we do not charge a fee. All this distinguishes us from other offers. An important advantage of our offer is also the fact that after making an initial reservation, our customers have 3 days to make the final decision. We also make it easier to take out advantageous insurance against resignation from a stay due to fortuitous reasons.


We encourage you to use the online booking where you while find the total price for your stay at selected time.

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